John Merrill appoints 10 members to Probate Judges’ Advisory Council

John Merrill

On Thursday, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill announced 10 newly appointed members of the Probate Judges’ Advisory Council.

First formed in 2015, the council works with Merrill to ensure elections and corporate filings continue their path of modernization while still preserving the security and integrity of those systems by administering them appropriately, accurately, and efficiently and as effectively as possible at the county and state levels.

The advisory council is a bi-partisan collection of Probate Judges from counties over the state that advise Merrill and keep him informed about issues that need improvement in the counties and at the state level.

Members of the Committee are as follows:

  1. Judge James Tatum: Bullock County
  2. Judge Daniel Rosser: Colbert County
  3. Judge Jimmy Nunn: Dallas County
  4. Judge David Money: Henry County
  5. Judge Frank Barger: Madison County
  6. Judge Laurie Hall: Marengo County
  7. Judge Al Harden: Russell County
  8. Judge Rob Robertson: Tuscaloosa County
  9. Judge Nick Williams: Washington County
  10. Judge Brittney Jones-Alexander: Wilcox County