Revisions coming to gas tax bill to address hidden fees on electric, hybrid-electric cars

car charging station
PowerPost Level 1 electric-car charging stations at Portland International Airport [Photo Credit: Green Car Reports]

Just last week Gov. Kay Ivey proposed a plan to raise the state’s gas tax 10-cents to pay for infrastructure improvements, and already changes are being made to the bill.

Alabama Daily News reports the plan’s accompanying legislation is being revised “to reduce and clarify fees on electric and hybrid vehicles, according to environmental groups.”

Under scrutiny is a provision of the bill that includes a hidden fee on electric and hybrid-electric cars, added to the 10 cents per gallon tax on fuel.  “The bill would set up a new $250 license and registration fee on electric vehicles and a $125 fee on hybrid-electric vehicles,” according to an article on

“Changes will lower a proposed fee on electric vehicles and limit fees to only ‘plug-in’ hybrid vehicles or battery electric vehicles,” reports ADN.

The legislation, with changes, is expected to be re-filed on Wednesday.