Alabama NewsCenter: Alabama Power Foundation releases annual report: ‘At the Point of Change’

A driver with Talladega's Red Door Kitchen delivers a meal to a community resident. The nonprofit, which is among those supported by the Alabama Power Foundation, has been providing meals in the area since 1984. (Alabama Power Foundation)

Alabama NewsCenter

By Michael Sznajderman

The Alabama Power Foundation on Monday released its 2020 Annual Report, highlighting the important work of nonprofits statewide during that extraordinary year.

Titled “At the Point of Change,” the report examines moments during the last year when challenges turned into opportunities for positive change and how Alabama nonprofits took on those challenges to address critical needs across the state.

“During a year that included a devastating pandemic, economic hardship, and a national reckoning around issues of racial and social justice and equity, Alabama’s philanthropic community answered the call,” said Tequila Smith, Alabama Power vice president of Charitable Giving and president of the Alabama Power Foundation.

“The foundation’s annual report explores some of the many important projects and initiatives of our nonprofit partners – work that continues every day and is bringing real, positive change for Alabamians, Alabama communities, and for our state,” Smith said.

The report features eight nonprofit organizations, from the Boys & Girls Club of Abbeville to The King’s Canvas in Montgomery, to Red Door Kitchen in Talladega. The report also provides an update on Alabama Power Foundation activities during 2020 and its priorities in 2021.

Like others in Alabama’s philanthropic community, the Alabama Power Foundation pivoted in 2020 to meet critical needs while intensifying its focus on issues such as education, economic empowerment, and racial equity. Those efforts are ongoing, with the foundation also looking at new and innovative programs in these focus areas in coordination with other nonprofits and charitable organizations.

The release of the 2020 Annual Report coincides with the foundation’s annual Elevate Conference, which brings together nonprofits from across Alabama for training sessions, seminars, and networking designed to help foster collaboration and increase their positive impact. Because of the pandemic, for the second year in a row, the conference is being held virtually. The conference concludes Tuesday.

“We hope the annual report and the Elevate Conference provide valuable and useful information and resources to our nonprofit partners, to further their missions,” Smith said.