Presidential Primary Brief: 442 days until Election Day

2016 Presidential Primary Brief_10 Aug Update

188 days until AL Presidential Primary

442 days until Election Day

Convention Dates: Republican July 18-21 2016, Democratic July 25-28 2016

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Much of the Republican 2016 field has actually moved to the right on abortion (Bloomberg  8/20/15)  

The pope went to Paraguay last month, and called the corruption there the “gangrene of a people.” The small, religious country of swamp, scrubland, and savanna is not one that often makes its way into American discussions of policy. But on Sunday, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a Republican candidate for president, expressed his support for Paraguay’s restrictive abortion laws—even when it means that a child impregnated by rape is forced to give birth.

Hillary Clinton’s email: 10 questions (Politico 8/20/15

The steady “drip, drip, drip” of the Hillary Clinton email flap — combined with aggressive spin launched this week by the Clinton campaign — creates confusion about the underlying facts. Is the email controversy a real risk for the Democratic Party front-­‐runner? Or as her campaign suggests, is it part of another well-­‐orchestrated attack by her Republican enemies? Here’s a rundown of 10 key issues.

2016 campaigns will spend $4.4B on TV ads, but why? (MPR 8/19/15)

The 2016 election is already providing a lot of eye-­‐popping statistics about the ballooning spending candidates will do in the 2016 election. Among them: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s super PAC has already raised more — in the first half of a non-­‐election year — than Obama’s main super PAC did in all of the 2012 cycle. The latest big TV ad buy in the 2016 presidential election — on Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s behalf, totaling $375,000 — is worth more than seven times the annual median U.S. household income.

Ted Cruz supports amending the constitution to end birthright citizenship (National Journal 8/19/15)

Ted Cruz set himself apart from much of the 2016 GOP field—including Donald Trump—by saying on Wednesday that he’d support amending the Constitution as a way to end birthright citizenship. Trump set off a firestorm of debate among 2016 Republicans after unveiling an immigration agenda over the weekend that calls for an end to birthright citizenship, a right enshrined in the Constitution by the 14th amendment, which grants citizenship to children of illegal immigrants born in America.

Political ads spending to hit $11.4B in 2016 (B&C News 8/18/15

Political advertising is expected to reach a record $11.4 billion in 2016, up 20% from the previous presidential election year, according to a new report from Borrell Associates.

While the bulk of the spending will continue to go to TV, Borrell expects this 2016 to be the first election year in which spending on digital advertising tops $1 billion. Adding in 2015 spending, Borrell figures that political advertising in this election cycle will total $16.5 billion. About half the total spending will back the national election, while the other half is on behalf of candidates and issues in local races.

Hillary Clinton is rooting for Jeb Bush (Politico 8/17/15

There is an obvious subtext to the panicked effort to purge the GOP of Donald Trump: to allow the party’s true hero to emerge to vanquish Hillary Clinton and restore peace and justice throughout the land. To most GOP elites, of course, the savior is Jeb Bush, complete with the Clark Kent glasses and aw-­‐shucks good guy demeanor. The Chamber of Commerce crowd is so convinced that Jeb is the man that it (so far) has placed a bet of more than $100 million on that proposition. There’s just one problem—the Clintons want Jeb Bush to be the GOP nominee, too.

Hillary Clinton hits back at Jeb Bush in Iraq row (BBC News 8/16/15)

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has hit back at one of her Republican rivals, Jeb Bush, over who is responsible for instability in Iraq. On Tuesday Mr. Bush accused the Obama administration of a “premature withdrawal” of US forces from Iraq in 2011, with “grievous” costs. Mrs. Clinton replied by saying it was Mr. Bush’s brother George W Bush who, as president, negotiated a US withdrawal. The US-­‐led war in 2003 has been followed by years of turmoil.


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