The true cost of Donald Trump’s Twitter tirades


Donald Trump has decided in the mist of a crowded primary to reengage with Megyn Kelly continuing the spat started post debate. First he tweeted, “I liked The Kelly File much better without Megyn Kelly. Perhaps she could take another eleven day unscheduled vacation!”

He went on to retweet negative comments about her, including one that called her a “bimbo.” I’ve said all along that Trump isn’t taking his campaign for president seriously and his continued child like antics prove that point.

Here’s the thing about Trumps Twitter tirades, such as the one against Kelly, they’re indicative of a bigger problem which is the lack of seriousness and focus of his campaign.

Those saying Trump is their first pick are largely responding to his lack of political correctness and the way he doesn’t dance around and sugar coat tough issues.

It’s refreshing to hear someone who isn’t afraid to offend the masses. There’s certainly truth to the notion people are too easily offended. What’s worse is not that people are offended but it’s that they act as though the offending party has a responsibility to apologize and change their behavior. Trump is pushing the envelope to do away with political correctness which in some cases should be applauded.

I’m offended by Trump’s twitter fights but not because as a woman his name calling of another woman bothers me but because as a conservative who wants to win the next election cycle I know the true cost is in media time lost covering this and not other candidates in the field or what the democrats are doing.

Trump needs to keep his eye on the prize and that prize isn’t cheap media coverage but media coverage that matters. He showed he could do that by putting the pressure up on the immigration issue but now he needs to show he can continue to do it on issues that matter.


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