John Merrill, Alabama Interactive offer state’s first online voter info portal

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On Monday, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill announced that his office has partnered with Alabama Interactive, a website that makes a variety of public state records accessible, to provide the state’s first online portal for voter information.

According to the Code of Alabama, the Secretary of State “shall provide access to lists and voter history information contained on the central computer to anyone making application, and there shall be a uniform charge for the production of voter lists,” according to a statement released Monday.

The newly established portal will offer access to lists and voter history, though requests for municipal voter information must still submit a request to Merrill’s office. Forms for such a request can be downloaded at the Secretary of State’s website.

“We are very excited to be able to offer this service to the citizens of Alabama,” Merrill said in Monday’s statement. “This new feature continues my efforts to increase transparency and will allow any interested citizen, candidate or elected official to be able to custom prepare and purchase the voter list they desire without having to contact another person to do it. The system will be secure, cost efficient and provide easy access to the available information.”

Lists will cost one cent per voter record requested, as well as a “nominal” processing fee. The portal will not offer “official election results, poll lists, or any other information involved in official election preparation or post-election procedures.”


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