Alabama Senate defends the unborn, bans dismemberment abortions

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With a 30-2 vote, the Alabama Senate Tuesday moved to protect the sanctity of human life by prohibiting dismemberment abortions that tear off an unborn baby’s limbs.

Sponsored by Rainbow City Republicans Sen. Phil Williams and Rep. Mack ButlerSB363: the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act, would prohibit a procedure called dilation and evacuation “D&E” abortion, which accounts for approximately 95 percent of all abortions in the second trimester. Allowing an exception only in the event of a “serious health risk to the mother.”

“Dismemberment abortions are a heinous practice, and I am glad the Alabama Senate has taken this step to promote and protect a culture of life by outlawing these procedures,” Williams said following the bill’s passage in the Senate. “The abortion of unborn children through violent dismemberment is something all right-thinking Americans should condemn.”

Last Wednesday, the Alabama House Health Committee held a public hearing to discuss the House companion bill sponsored by Butler. There Butler referred to the procedure as “barbaric” likening it to medieval punishments.

“I appreciate the hard work that Representative Butler has done to advance this legislation in the House, and I trust the House of Representatives will give this bill swift passage before the end of session,” Williams continued.

“I am grateful to the Alabama Senate for protecting unborn babies from dismemberment abortions,” said director of Alabama Citizens for LifeCheryl Ciamarra,  “Our senators showed they prioritize human life and its protection by passing this legislation.”

The House Health Committee is expected to revisit the companion legislation this week.

Should SB363 become law, Alabama would become the fifth state to ban dismemberment abortion, joining Kansas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Mississippi.


  1. Here is the key phrase of this bill:

    “does not include an abortion which uses suction to dismember the body of the developing unborn child by sucking fetal parts into a collection container.”

    This bill would do nothing to stop an abortion. All it does is tell the abortionist what method he is permitted to use when killing a baby.

    The legislature could have made a real effort to protect prenatal children by passing HB300 which they refused to allow to come up for a vote.

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