Mo Brooks urges reevaluation of mass immigration policies

[Photo Credit: AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo]

Alabama 5th District U.S. Congressman Mo Brooks took to the House floor Wednesday morning to warn against the risks he believes will be posed to the economy and national security should America continue with its current immigration wave that has persisted the past 40 years.

“America’s population has exploded to 321 million people due primarily to 62 million foreign born people plus their minor children,” Brooks explained before his colleagues. “Consistent with the above, the Census Bureau estimates that, within seven years, America’s population will have the highest percentage of foreign born people since the Revolutionary War, adding another 74 million people to America’s population over the next 45 years.”

According to Brooks Americans are growing uneasy with the current immigration levels.

“Although Americans are supportive or tolerant of legal immigration, they are showing a growing unease in the face of this record-breaking immigration tidal wave that drives up welfare costs, overcrowds schools and hospitals, and increasingly subjects American citizens to growing crime and terrorist attack risk,” Brooks continued.

 “America must recognize our challenges and opportunities. Hence, we must be much more selective in our immigration policies to ensure incoming immigrants are both self-sufficient and are able and willing to be properly absorbed into American society.  If we aren’t, America’s population will explode and America will lose its special place in history.”

Watch Brooks’ speech below:


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