John Merrill creates new bipartisan Voter Fraud Reform Task Force

John Merrill

Secretary of State John Merrill announced yesterday the formation of a Voter Fraud Reform Task Force. The task force will consist of 15 members, including the Secretary of State as the Chairman. The group will meet on September 30, 2021, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Alabama State House in Room 123 on 11 South Union Street in Montgomery. The meeting will be open to the general public.

Secretary Merrill stated, “We believe it is necessary to examine how we define voter fraud in our state and the penalties we assess for voter fraud violations. It is important to note that we assembled a team of respected Alabamians from diverse backgrounds and political persuasions.

“If or when instances of voter fraud are identified, we want to investigate each reported case, and if it is warranted, seek an indictment and then ensure that all guilty parties are convicted after a successful prosecution. However, we believe that it is important to ensure that any individual convicted of voter fraud is punished in an appropriate way and in accordance with the Constitution, as well as state and federal laws.”

Earlier this week, Sec. Merrill met with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell. Lindell, who is currently being sued by Dominion Voting Systems, has been traveling the country in an effort to prove the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump by computer manipulation, reported.

In a video posted online, Lindell said while Alabama is a “role model as to how elections should go,” its voting system was “hacked…just like every other state,” possibly by accessing machines remotely through Bluetooth technology. Lindell claims 100,000 votes were changed in Alabama, although he did not offer any evidence of his claims. Merrill said Lindell is expected to return to Alabama to examine the equipment and talk to probate judges. Lindell bought a copy of Alabama’s voting rolls for $30,000.

For the 2020 election in Alabama, roughly 2.3 million votes were cast for Donald Trump (1,441,170) and Joe Biden (849,624). 

Merrill said that’s not possible, telling, “All our (voting) machines are custom-built. There’s no modem component. You can’t influence them through a cell phone or a landline. There’s no way they can be probed or numbers manipulated.”

Merrill said Lindell is expected to return to Alabama to examine the equipment and talk to probate judges.

Merrill posted on Twitter, “Last night I was excited to talk to Josh Marcus of The @Independentwhich is a media outlet in the United Kingdom! I was happy to talk to him about our successful administration of the 2020 general election and how we continue to make it #EasyToVoteAndHardToCheat in Alabama!”

Originally tweeted by John Merrill (@JohnHMerrill) on September 23, 2021.

The members of the task force are Secretary of State John H. Merrill, Senator Sam Givhan (R), Senator Bobby Singleton (D), Representative Matt Simpson (R), Representative Merika Coleman (D), Bullock County Probate Judge James Tatum, Houston County Circuit Clerk Carla Woodall, Montgomery County Sheriff Derek Cunningham, District Attorney for the Fourth Judicial Circuit Michael Jackson, Reid Harris of the Attorney General’s Office, retired Circuit Judge John England, Matt Clark of the Alabama Policy Institute, Southern Poverty Law Center founder Morris Dees, Lu Rivera of Eagle Forum, and Dillon Nettles of the American Civil Liberties Union.