Presidential primary brief: 477 days until Election Day

2016 Presidential Primary Brief_6 July Update

223 days until AL Presidential Primary

477 days until Election Day

Convention Dates: Republican July 18-21 2016, Democratic July 25-28 2016

Weekly Headlines:

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White House candidate Clinton: Would phase out fossil fuels extraction on public lands (Reuters 7/16/15) 

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on Thursday she would phase out the extraction of fossil fuels on public lands if elected to the White House in 2016. Clinton said she would not stop the extraction right away but would try to make the energy transition as quickly as possible. “We still have to run our economy, we still have to turn on the lights,” Clinton told a town hall in Dover, New Hampshire.

Is the labor movement split over the 2016 presidential election? (People’s World 7/14/15)

There is no question that there is a great deal of excitement in the labor movement about the candidacy of Bernie Sanders in the coming Democratic primary elections. Some 40 labor leaders met and greeted Sanders at an event yesterday at the headquarters of the American Postal Workers Union, an appropriate place for Sanders to be hosted considering his long battle to save postal and other public services threatened by right-­‐wing lawmakers. This week, on the other hand, the more than one million-­‐member American Federation of

Teachers endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, highlighting her positions in favor of strong public education and strong teachers’ unions.

Could Ohio Governor John Kasich be 2016’s dark horse? (Daily Caller 7/14/15)

There’s a small buzz growing around maverick two-­‐term Republican governor John Kasich. Even as Donald Trump continues to dominate the tabloid headlines, the Atlantic magazine and Fox News, among others, are touting Kasich as a possible dark horse that might emerge from the pack – and possibly resolve the rift between the GOP establishment and base voters scattered among a plethora of upstart candidates. Kasich is barely registering in the polls and is unlikely to qualify for the GOP debates next month. But there’s good reason why he is getting a close look. Like Scott Walker, his counterpart in neighboring Wisconsin, the 63-­‐year-­‐old Kasich has never lost a political race and remains immensely popular with voters, including many Democrats. But more than anything, it’s because Kasich sits atop one of the most important presidential battleground states – Ohio – which is vital to GOP prospects in 2016.

Trump up in polls, but still dogged by controversy (CBS News 7/10/15)

A new national poll by says Donald Trump is the frontrunner among Republican presidential candidates. Fifteen percent of GOP voters back Trump. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul tie for second. But Trump is losing support elsewhere, reports CBS News correspondent Julianna Goldman. Protestors rallied against Trump Thursday, calling on the Obama administration to remove his name from the hotel his company is constructing in a landmark building on federal land.

Ted Cruz challenges Fox debate standards (Politico 7/15/15

Ted Cruz’s campaign is leading a charge to pressure Fox News into raising its standards for the national polls that will decide who gets into the cirst Republican presidential debate.

In a memo sent to fellow GOP campaigns on Wednesday, Chris Wilson, who serves as director of research and analytics for the Cruz campaign, called Fox News’ standards for deciding which national polls are used in its debate entry process “unclear.” Wilson asks the other campaigns to “consider joining with us” in encouraging the network to impose additional polling standards. As it stands, Fox News is allowing the Top 10 contenders, based on an average of the cive most recent national polls, into the Aug. 6 debate.

Biden still considering 2016 bid (The Hill 7/18/15)

Vice President Joe Biden is still mulling a challenge to Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, the Huffington Post reported. Clinton is the dominant frontrunner for the Democratic nomination to succeed President Obama, but Biden expects to make a decision on entering the race by September, according to the report. “He has said he would announce his decision at the end of the summer,” former Biden aide and Sen. Ted Kaufman (D-­‐Del.), said when he asked about the vice president’s 2016 plans, according to the website. Clinton has widely been seen as the likely 2016 Democratic nominee, even before she launched her presidential bid in April. But she has faced a surprising challenge from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-­‐Vt.), who has drawn large crowds and quickly risen in polls.

Santorum’s stuck in the back of the pack (Pittsburgh Post Gazette 7/19/15

Polls put Rick Santorum in 11th place out of 15 Republican presidential candidates. Given that next month’s debate will accept only the top 10 candidates, that’s like being the 11th person in line for a 10-­‐man lifeboat. But in one area, at least, Mr. Santorum is second to none: his use of the royal “we.” “We believe that our message is different,” the former senator from Pennsylvania and 2012 victor in the Iowa caucuses said Monday at a breakfast meeting in Washington held by the Christian Science Monitor. “We have experience that almost nobody else in the cield has and a track record that certainly distinguishes ourself from Hillary Clinton. . . .We match up very well because we have matched up well in the past.”


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