New Hampshire primary puts values of retail campaigning to the test

Donald Trump New Hampshire campaigning

Donald Trump upended the traditions of New Hampshire campaigning when he opted for mega-rallies over living room conversations and diner stops, yet the businessman is hoping for a win in the state’s Tuesday primary.

The trio of governors vying for second place are betting a near-constant presence in the state and a one-on-one approach is what really matters in New Hampshire. In between are Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, two candidates running a 50-state strategy that’s meant fewer stops through the first primary state, albeit trips that include a traditional grassroots flavor.

Tuesday’s results will be a test over which approach works in today’s political landscape. Some candidates offer dire warnings that a win for Trump will put the primary at risk, while others say the hand-wringing is overblown.

Republished with permission of the Associated Press.


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