Scott Dawson calls for investigation of all Alabama abortion clinics

Scott Dawson

Gubernatorial candidate Scott Dawson called for the investigation of all Alabama abortion clinic’s on Friday; after it was reported that a Montgomery abortion clinic failed to report potential sexual abuse 13 year-old patient.

According to, the girl first visited the clinic in January 2016 and gave the clinic a birth date in July 2000, which would have made her 15. Two weeks later when she returned to have the abortion she brought her birth certificate showing that she was born in July 2002, meaning she was actually 13 at the time the abortion was performed.

The girl had a second abortion in April of 2017, when she was 14 years old.

In January of this year, the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) sent an inspector to interview the director of the clinic who verified the information and only reported the patient and both abortions to ADPH after the inspection.

The clinic has since provided the ADPH with a complete correction plan to revise how it obtains and reviews information from minors.

“The news coming out of Montgomery breaks my heart and the apathy exhibited by our Montgomery politicians is angering,” declared Dawson. “When a 13-year-old child—with non-English speaking parents—is given an abortion, without a third-party counselor and no suspicion of sexual abuse and no report, we know Montgomery needs new leadership. Where is law enforcement? If this were a public school employee who had failed to report potential sexual abuse, they would be without a job and under investigation.”

Dawson said as Governor he will immediately call for a full investigation of all abortion clinics across the state.

“As Governor, I will immediately call for full investigation of all abortion clinics in the State of Alabama and at minimum, I will see to it that the Department of Public Health is held accountable to enforce their own rules​,​ and ​that ​entities operating like this will be closed,” explained Dawson.

“In Alabama, we treasure all human life—the born, the unborn, and certainly 13-year-old children who may need to be rescued from an abusive situation. Just because a clinic can legally murder, doesn’t mean they get a pass on the laws of this state.”

Dawson faces Incumbent governor Kay Ivey, Huntsville mayor Tommy Battle, and State Sen. Bill Hightower in the June 5 Republican primary.