Here’s everyone the NRA has endorsed in the 2018 election cycle


An endorsement from the NRA‘s Political Action Committee, the NRA Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF), can be a game changer for many candidates.

“When provided with the facts, the nation’s elected officials will recognize that “gun control” schemes are an infringement on the Second Amendment and a proven failure in fighting crime” says the fund. “The importance of this premise lies in the knowledge that, as one U.S. Congressman put it: ‘The gun lobby is people.'”

The NRA-PVF makes its decisions based on voting records, public statements and their responses to their NRA-PVF questionnaire.

Here are the candidates who the NRA has endorsed, who they believe will stand up for Alabamian’s Second Amendment rights:

Statewide races

  • Governor: Kay Ivey
  • Attorney General: Steve Marshall
  • Agricultural Commissioner: Gerald Dial

State Senate Races

  • District 4: Paul Bussman
  • District 6: Larry Stutts
  • District 8: Steve Livingston
  • District 10: Mack N. Butler
  • District 12: Del Marsh
  • District 21: Gerald H. Allen
  • District 22: Tom Butler

State House Races

  • District 10: Mike Ball
  • District 12: Corey Harbison
  • District 14: Tim Wadsworth
  • District 16: Kyle South
  • District 22: Ritchie Whorton
  • District 23: Tommy Hanes
  • District 31: Mike Holmes
  • District 33: Ronald G. Johnson
  • District 45: Dickie Drake
  • District 48: Jim Carns
  • District 49: April Weaver
  • District 65: Elaine Beech
  • District 88: Jeremy Arthur
  • District 105: Chip Brown



  1. I wish you would support Troy King for Attorney General. My mother, Ella Foy Riley was murdered May 21, 1990. During all these years of being in the judicial process, AG Troy King was the BEST Attorney General that ever reached out to crime victims and law enforcement. He would have a group of crime victims and law enforcement come to AG’s Office for a meeting in the fall of the year. 2 separate meetings and he would have a list of laws that his office thought needed changing or new law added. He would explain each one to us and let the 2 groups vote on the top 5. He would then get them to Legislature in the spring to try to get laws changed. In 2009, one of the men at murdered my mother came up for execution. Only 2 people could view the execution . I had 5 brothers, we all wanted to view the execution. Law was changed that year and Gov. Riley signed it into law 6 hours before the execution and all of us got to view the execution, only because AG Troy King got it in Legislature that year. In 2010, the other one came up for parole, he only got robbery changes, not even murder from a jury in Montgomery. She was murdered in Abbeville, his first trial he got a hung jury because the guy that admitted it wouldn’t testify against him because he was scared the co-defendant’s family would do something to his family. AG Troy King attended the parole hearing and protested his parole. It was denied for 5 years. Crime Stats for the past 20 years was lowest when Troy King was AG. It was highest this past year. WE NEED TROY KING BACK AS ATTORNEY GENERAL FOR THE STATE OF ALABAMA.

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