Senior Jeff Sessions staffer joins Donald Trump’s presidential campaign; Session says US needs “strong negotiator”


The communication director for Sen. Jeff SessionsStephen Miller, has joined the presidential campaign of Donald Trump as a senior policy advisor, deepening the already well-worn ties between Alabama’s junior senator and Trump’s 2016 bid for the White House.

The same day Miller moved to the campaign, his erstwhile boss again spoke out in support of Trump, touting their common opposition to the Obama administrations Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal.

Sessions, briefly donning one of Trump’s signature red “Make American Great Again” caps, told Republicans set to vote in Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses on February 1 that Trump has fought admirably against Obama on trade policy, though he stopped short of formally endorsing him

“We need to negotiate better,” Sessions said. “So, what I’d say to the people in Iowa: ‘This is a matter of supreme importance that neither party should nominate a candidate who does not oppose this agreement. You can be for trade, you can be for negotiating agreements with countries around the world but not this way and not creating these kinds of transnational commissions that only hamper the United States as we go forward in the decades.'”

Miller’s move was lauded by conservative pundit Ann Coulter, who Tweeted upon reading news of the personnel shift: “I’M IN HEAVEN! Trump hires Sen. Sessions’ brain trust, Stephen Miller. He’s not backing down on immigration.”

Both Trump and Sessions have nearly in lock-step when it comes to immigration, with both men taking a hard line against accepting refugees from war-torn Syria and in favor of deporting undocumented immigrants.


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